“I love my Celso......I had a hip problem that would not go away, every time I exercised it would lock-up and cause pain and restrict my movement. From my first training session with Celso the problem was resolved. Celso incorporated moves that opened my hip and made it stronger at the same time working all parts of my lower body. I stopped spending money on massage and physical therapy. I am blown away by this aspect of my training. 
But beyond healing I wanted to get things back that had been lost over time and improve parts of my anatomy that nature had not provided. Well, 1 year in and I look different I got some booty now and my abdominals are rock hard. 
Do not train with Celso unless you want to work, he keeps it fun and he changes your workout every time, I mean every time, and you will train for 60 minutes each session, no excuses.
— Elizabeth Kluger
“I’ve been training all of my life for a variety of sports. I’ve trained with some of the best coaches in the US. I met Celso two months ago. Celso is as professional as any trainer I’ve ever known. Within a month through intense workouts and his nutrition guidance I’ve leaned out and gained strength faster than any time I’ve ever trained. Celso works me hard but its fun. He mixes up my fitness program with strength training, balance/coordination and core work outs. I asked him to kick my butt in every work out and he does..but he makes it fun! And he is an example of his own training methods. He’s well educated and has chosen to be a fitness instructor because it is his passion. I would recommend him to anyone who wants an exceptional trainer. They don’t come any better. Celso Inspire me to train and meet my fitness goals.”
— Don Clurman
Definitely one of the best trainers in the city. He is committed to his clients and is very knowledgeable. Can't possibly say enough good things about Celso. 
— Larry Hausman
“I have been training with Celso since early January with the goals of building lean muscle while losing fat and “those last 10 pounds”. I chose Celso because of his endless contagious energy and positive spirit which keep me smiling through intense workouts. Celso is always on the lookout for the latest training techniques using all of the latest equipment. And he will also venture out to the beach or paddle board to make the workout interesting and totally tailored to what I want. If I don’t like an exercise, we find something else that works. Since working with him, I have dropped fat, gained strength and endurance and am in better shape than I have ever been. I would recommend Celso to anyone serious about their fitness goals who wants to have fun while getting in killer shape. ”
— Sophie Scott
Celso and his team is an inspiration to give my best at each workout. He listened to my goals and worked on them in a way that each day was a good surprise. I leave the sessions with the feeling of mission accomplished. Highly recommend him.
— Leandro Assunção
Been training with Celso for almost a year - great coach with lots of energy, motivation and knowledge! I've seen my body transform even though been training for years by myself prior. Would recommend full heartedly to anyone!
— Roy Gerstner
Celso and I have been training together for about 6 months now and my body has changed substantially during this period. He is focused, professional and extremely attentive. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to take on a full time trainer. 
— Eyal Fisher
How can I review something I think is 5 stars? Celso has been more than a trainer. He's been a friend and a therapist. He's the best trainer I've had EVER had in my life. A session with him, is better than therapy. He makes working out a pleasure.
— Janine Cicero
Celso IS the magic pill. If you want results, he's it. And fun. And hot. And kind. And everything. 
— Cynthia P. Jenkins

Working out with Celso's instruction was a great experience for me when he was in his Laguna Beach location. He's very knowledgeable and made workouts fun! He is 100% focused on his clients and getting them results!!  
— Erin Woodhouse

Celso turned my life around. I was hooked on our first session. I came to his studio because I knew I wasn't living a healthy lifestyle but I had no idea what the impact of his training would have physically and mentally. He took me to a place of strength and positive energy I hadn't experienced in years. I'm 65 but can keep up with my kids in their 30s. I love Celso and consider him a dear friend. I especially appreciate his respectful and professional manner. He's tough but so fun! 
— Cindy Byrne

Celso is one of the best trainer I have ever had! He has the most fun energy that will boost you up and motivate you more. There is never a dull moments training with him. He loves his clients and very passionate with his work. He will push you to the hardest and reach your goals. 
— May

Celso provided me with exactly what I needed from training: engaging and challenging sessions that left me energized and feeling better about my body. His cross fitness approach kept my heart rate going as well as helped my muscles build up. AND he managed to make the whole experience fun, so that I was never bored. 
— Michel Wallerstein

Celso is an amazing trainer. I have had many trainers in the past and Celso is by far the best. He gives you 100% of his attention 100% of the time, he is never on his cell phone!!! He brings a lot of energy to every session, motivates me to workout when I am not feeling like it, he is always switching up exercises and keeping my workouts fresh, he understands muscle physiology and knows how to work with injuries, he gets results! Oh he's also my therapist, offering sound advice. Check him out for yourself and you will see what I am talking about. 
— Robert Fraser

Celso changed my life. I started with him on the 11th of July. Lost 15 pounds since 1st of July and 10% body fat thank you for the transformation Celso you are the Best. Be back soon for more training. Going to miss you and your training a lot. 
— Ranjana Mariia

Amazing trainer- changed my life! 
— Nancy Mcdowell

The most fun sweat around. Celso says my fat is crying! Love him and his business
— Connie Himmel

The Gym was my happy place since day one I stepped in and met the Celso
— Daisy Reidinger