Though the Brazilian-born Celso Penha might have fitness body today, but it wasn’t his reality until his age of 19, when he joined a gym and committed himself to getting fit. With his own successful results in place, he began analyzing what types of workout regimens he could create to help others burn fat, build muscle, improve endurance and be healthier overall. His unique mix of cardio, weight lifting, plyometric and functional exercises along with a focus on balance and core strength have devotees flocking to his personal training practice.

In 2016 decided to bring his Brand to NYC from Laguna Beach/CA.

In 02 years in CA build a portfolio over 65 clients making his   Fitness Studio in Laguna Beach the most successful and cool space in the city, where he had a pool of clients starting at age of 15 to 85 years old, among them a Champion Bikini competitor, fitness lovers, weight loss successful cases, working with several injured clients to build strength and improve their motions.

His knowledge and passion for Fitness and a Brazilian way to make it entertaining and fun respecting this hour always being a out you and not the trainer with the phone in his hands, he try to take the most of it and that was the key for being one of the most respected Trainers in such a short period of time in CA.

Former Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineer in Brazil decided put 100% of his time for his passion, Fitness. Over 10 years into the fitness environment as a trainer,  and addicted to fitness in general. he always see every client as a project trying to read then and understand their needs and goals. All is possible when we are talking about your goals, have to being realistic but challenging you.
When we are talking about your improve their body and health, he says, that my mission with my clients.

Personal Trainer / Entrepreneur, Certified Personal trainer USA/Brazil (IFBB (ADVANCED BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS TRAINER SPECIALIST).


Our one-on-one training and personalized fitness programs are based on core stability strength through functional exercises and are tailored to each of our clients needs.  Our philosophy is simple, we base our programs around the fundamentals of fitness, flexibility, stability, endurance, strength, and rest.  We get our clients to their results efficiently while minimizing risk of injury.  


Our intention to help better the lives of others. Our philosophy is rooted in the fundamentals of biomechanics and is supported by scientific rationale and proven research.  We achieve efficient results  and minimize risk of injury by creating fitness programs that are individually developed based on the needs of each client.  Our fitness plans involve functional exercises that help stabilize, strengthen, and balance the core muscles.   Each program is designed to change periodically, ensuring constant growth, appropriate rest, and efficient results while minimizing risk of injury or plateau.

Most importantly, we care for our clients.  Creating goals and achieving goals, such as: Building lean muscles, losing weight, gaining strength,  or recovering from an injury are all physically demanding, not to mention mentally taxing as well as sometimes emotionally exhausting. We understand and empathize with our clients turning such a daunting task into an extremely rewarding experience. 

For all beginning clients, the same five-step approach is used to establish needs and goal, as well as creating an individualized plan.